Often we don’t see what we look at, we see what we look for. Clouds are a great example of how humans can project anything we love, miss, or even wish for onto the skies.

Clouds can represent all kinds of moods (from cotton candy skies to bursts of anger in the rain). This one’s an ode to the clouds we love and the ones we’re surrounded by. Even the ones on the ground.

What we see as fluffy looking shapes that resemble cotton candy, a paw, (or sometimes the person we wish was next to us) are often the most relatable creations of the universe.

They float, just like we do.
They break, just like we do.
They storm, just like we do.
And in the end, they fly with wind and time— just like we do.

This July, we’re looking inwards just as much as we’re looking up. Gaze at the wisps of white, grey and pink in the sky and in you as you regain an appreciation for Clouds.

With rain and remembrance,
The Editors

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