About The Riptide

A riptide is the ocean’s deadliest trick. It is a condition of turbulence created in calm waters, where two different currents meet. It is something that carries you away from the breaking wave— a force that pulls you away from the shore, to deeper waters. 

We then thought to derive our own interpretation of this word. Instead of naming it after something that would, otherwise, have negative connotations, we decided that a riptide could be something that provides people with a positive rush.

 We decided to turn it into a safe haven for those who have an affinity for art and creative expression of any kind— be it literary, auditory, visual, or tangible and kinetic. 

Something that doesn’t pull one away from reality, but allows one to experience it differently instead. 

The Riptide, therefore, is a community of creators of art of multiple kinds, who wish to show the world what happens when the two currents of creativity and expression meet at one place. Where the product of this effort isn’t necessarily something that drowns you— but gives you an immersive experience instead.

With that in mind, we to explore and share a variety of experiences and expressions created for the following categories :

The World — A page for global affairs, pieces and opinions on the current political climate, along with shared experiences from traveling, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

The Impression — A space for that is all about the perspective of the reader/writer. In a bustling world, this section seeks to pause, collect, and evaluate what we know and hold true. From reviews of places and things, to our very own dictionary, where each word and its commonly used meaning get redefined.

The Word — A place where poetry meets prose, and thoughts meet phrases. This section is a safe haven for writers to express themselves through their work, which spans across topics, themes, issues and styles. We, at The Riptide, made space for every form of writing, including Letters (open, anonymous, to recipients real or fictional), musings from your most introspective days, poems and photo stories from times when sentences just aren’t enough, and you need a picture as well as its 1000 words.

The Gallery — A spot where we showcase frozen time. Through song, art, dance, and especially through photographs.

The Riptide welcomes you to navigate these different currents fearlessly, allowing you to see yourself and the beauty in each of its streams.

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