“Grief is the price we pay for love.”

By Ramitha Ramesh

Grieving isn’t always for the dead. Sometimes you feel grief for the living. And sometimes, it’s the only way you know you loved.

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Letter to: My Pre-Pandemic Self

By Neeti Adhia

For some, change occurs within the span of a single pandemic. Read this letter about advice given to one’s past-self through time.

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A Thank You, and Goodbye

By Anusha Kala

A truly heartfelt letter to Sushant Singh Rajput by a fan who resonates with what everyone has been feeling post his demise.

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A Letter to van Gogh

By Krishna Advani Background Image: Google Images Dear Vincent van Gogh, I am not going to insult your pain by pretending to know what it is that you went through. All that torment and defeat must have caused more horrors for you than your pieces of art will ever reflect. But whatever empathy I do…

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