We Didn’t Start The Fire: Feb. & Mar. 2021

By Krishna AdvaniPicture Source: Google Images Ee-ei-ee-ei-NO Do you believe that farmers, the men and women across the country, should be entitled to selling their produce where they get the highest rate of return? Do you think that these farmers have the right to sell their crops beyond the ‘mandis’ of their state and earn…

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Holiday Reading List 2020

By Krishna Advani

A list of the must-read books during the festive season to put you in the perfect winter mood. Each story livelier than the one before!

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To Be a Writer

This musing talks about how sometimes, our words and sentiments are not ours alone; they belong to the writers who have come before us.

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Maybe Now

By Aalia Jagwani

“Maybe Here and Now is everywhere and everything.”

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Maiden of the Sun

“…Through her veins, they breed and bleed / Maiden of the sun, brightest yellow / Spirit so sublime, heart so mellow…” A poem about the sun.

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Old Gods

“The old gods were asleep, but they are waking up now.” A short and thrilling story of the gods long gone, and forgotten, waking up to the anarchy of today.

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