My Rearview Mirror

By Krishna Advani

The following poem is on the deceptively rosy picture that the past often appears as in the metaphorical ‘rearview mirror’, seeming to be far brighter than the colours of the present.
CAUTION: Objects seem brighter than they appear.

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How to Spruce Up Your Desk With Home Decor?

By The Pastel Soul

Working from home shouldn’t be a downer, so here are few tips to add décor and make your work from home desk interesting and fun.

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A Yellow Phenomenon

“Yellow, always so bright and luminous, capturing my attention to show me that insanity is always the path to courage…”

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Maiden of the Sun

“…Through her veins, they breed and bleed / Maiden of the sun, brightest yellow / Spirit so sublime, heart so mellow…” A poem about the sun.

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A Blank Canvas

“As for me, a blank canvas is still the most beautiful piece of art.
Free to become a master piece, whatever the artist wishes to see.”

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Chantilly ~The Perfect Christmas Cafe

A cafe that’s not to be missed this Christmas situated in Bandra.

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