The Ultimate Last-Minute Christmas Gift Guide

By Harsheen Sethi

Looking for the perfect present on December 20th? You’re not the only one! Here’s the ultimate last minute gift guide to save Christmas.

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New Holiday Traditions You Can Start

By Krishna Advani

All traditions start somewhere. Now, you can start your own! The Editors curate a list of fun things to do around the holidays, yearly.

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Exclusive Interview: April Hill Writing

By The Editors

An exclusive interview with anonymous author April Hill on her process, inspirations, and latest book ‘This Is Where The Sadness Ends’.

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MII: The Indian e-Commerce Revolution

By Liril Panchal

The story behind the mindful, patriotic start-up entitled Made In India, which is vocal for local!

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The Russian Gamble in Afghanistan

By Rayomand Bhacka

An analytical piece about the international policy and relations between Russia and modern Aghanistan, in the times of Taliban.

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My Small Business and Me

By Simran Ramsay

This is a piece that will either remind you of your small business & passion project, or give you the inspiration to begin one!

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‘Punchirri’ Magic: The Tale of Jyotirgamaya and Pathala Bhairavan

By Hope Catapult Adventures

A story of the land of Chirilokam and the magic that it comes with.

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How To Write About Feminists

By Shanaia Malkani

Sarcastic, humorous, and filled with caustic commentary on the stereotypes of feminists, this piece calls out every token representation yet.

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By Simran Ramsay

Time moves differently when you gaze at something beautiful. This musing slows time around nature’s spectacle of clouds in the sky.

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Clouded by You

By Aastha Katyal Pant

A cloud can be a poet’s muse or a poet’s enemy. This piece is one of persistence despite the blues a cloud brings, and striving through it.

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creator, creation

By Vasundhara Singh

A poem on the season of creation: spring! Written using the word for ‘spring’ in multiple languages, and the poet’s interpretation of it.

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Do (Listen)/Don’t (Miss it): Song Release

Back with another incredible single, Saachi’s latest song ‘Do/Don’t’ is about the obsessive need to do everything, and often losing out on other things in the bargain. Read the article for the song and more!

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