New Holiday Traditions You Can Start

By Krishna Advani

All traditions start somewhere. Now, you can start your own! The Editors curate a list of fun things to do around the holidays, yearly.

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Everything You Need To Know Before UEFA EURO 2020

By Kitman Store

A one-stop shop to your favorite team’s jerseys & knowing all you need to before UEFA Euro 2020.

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The Dialogue

By Aastha K. Pant

A story set in the early days of Covid-19 in Mumbai between Nalini, an employer, and Laxmi, her housekeeper, which illustrates the different experiences and narratives of two women during a seemingly global event.

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Recipe Time: Confit Beetroot Spread!

By Ladle and Love

This July Ladle and Love brings you the ultimate healthy recipe to go with your favorite bread selection: a delectable Beetroot Spread!

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Anniversary Exclusive: Success Stories

By The Editors

In the spirit of the theme Breaking Ground, we interviewed various professionals from diverse fields who have, in their respective ways, traversed uncharted territory. Each of their stories deals with successes, losses, sacrifices, and most importantly: lessons.

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Bollywood Addict’s Opinion: Nepotism Edition

By Rhea Sabherwal

Everything you need to know to stay updated on the whole Bollywood nepotism ‘debate’ brought to you by our favourite Bollywood Addict.

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Spectrum Recipes: Tasting Colors

This summer and monsoon, taste colors with Ladle & Love’s wonderful new recipes, comprising each shade of the spectrum!

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Recipe: Roll-ing In The Summer

Beat the summer heat with a healthy, vegan and gluten-free snack of Veggie Rolls with Peanut Sauce! Easy to make, and far easier to devour.

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A Foodie’s Guide to a Yellow Summer!

A quick guide for what you can have to make sure you get the most of summer with the sweet and savoury feels – in yellow!

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The Tale of Thalis

From being the staple of the ancient Kings and Queens to the current generation’s quirky thalis, it’s evolved and regained its spirit.

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Interior Design Tips: Making a House a Home

This month, keeping with the theme, ‘Home’, we get a special set of tips from The Pastel Soul Interiors’ co-founder, Ruchi Shroff on how to make a house a home — a place with warmth and trendy nuances.

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One For the Month of August

Here are my top 6 picks for this month where you can enjoy Zomato Gold as well as some amazing food in Mumbai.

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