We Didn’t Start The Fire: January 2021

By Krishna Advani

The month at a glance so far from black lives matter, US Elections, world politics, sports and much more right here!

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The Dialogue

By Aastha K. Pant

A story set in the early days of Covid-19 in Mumbai between Nalini, an employer, and Laxmi, her housekeeper, which illustrates the different experiences and narratives of two women during a seemingly global event.

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The Pandemic: A Musical

By Bhagyashree Phadnis

“Art never dies, it’s eternal and is
accessible irrespective of time, place and language.” Read a musing about music that transported the author despite being confined during the lockdown.

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Newfound Ignorance? Pandemic Edition

By Jasnoor Anand

“This pandemic cannot be another one of societies experiences of new-found ignorance. It is time to redesign society as we know it.”

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