We Didn’t Start The Fire: January 2021

By Krishna Advani
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This series of articles intend to humorously summarize the events of the month so far. Offense may be taken, since that is a pre-requisite to thinking independently. Easily bruised beware. So read on for news about Black Lives Matter, Global Politics, Sports, and more.

  • WHO Chief Warns About Disparity In Vaccine

As if the World Health Organization hadn’t already done enough for the globe by doing the bidding for the Patient Zero Nation, who also happens to be the source of their pocket money, they are now preaching about the moral and fiscal inequity of nations to produce a ‘vaccine’. Can an international organization claim to be, in good conscience, a neutral entity while using the phrase “the divide grows larger between the world’s haves and have nots”? Are those words familiar? Let me give you a clue. Rhymes with ‘Sparx’.
Yes, Mr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. There is disparity and a debilitating one at that. But you, the testament to credibility that lies at the bottom of a garbage bin on fire, are not the most trusted source for this moral pseudo-medical beckoning. So excuse us if we do not bat an eyelid at your tendency to point out the glaringly obvious while propelling an atmosphere of fear. In this world of ours, you happen to be more equal than the others you claim to speak for.

World Health Organization Director-General
World Health Organization Director-General
  • Certain Types of Violence Are Okay, Not Others

If you want to march right into Louis Vuitton, steal a trolley bag of your dreams and slam the counter for good measure, you can now do so in the name of certain lives mattering. The newest President of the United States, famous on the Right for his deafening silence on the BLM Washington Riots (circa Capitol Hill), tweeted a statement calling the protestors ‘extremists dedicated to lawlessness’, a phrase reserved solely for protests he does not cash in on. When former President Trump unequivocally (but for real this time) condemned BOTH attacks that not only damaged millions of dollars worth of Black Businesses but also endangered the sacrosanct nature of the Capitol, he was banned for Facebook by the unblinking pool of sweat, aka Mark Zuckerberg.

Donald Trump tweet about Capitol violence before twitter suspension
Trump’s Tweet about Capitol Riots
  • Some Speech is Free, The Rest Pay Duty

For anyone on the political spectrum that does not align with every single value of the currently apparent governing forces of social media: cancel culture is now available on the App Store. Embodying their tenants of hypocrisy and cancel culture, these companies which have been repeatedly accused of censorship, interference, and creations of echo chambers are now here to ban any voices they find ‘threatening’ to the so-called integrity of the nation. Even if it belongs to its soon-to-be ex-President. After repeatedly letting elements of violence encouragement and social justice posturing get off scot-free, we now see a ban on certain dominant voices that do not care to perpetuate a farce of diplomatic lies. However, the ones actually screaming blue murder and literally recruiting masses for seemingly noble causes do not seem to fit the ‘inciting violence’ violation of the microblogging site’s policy. A report from September cites that socialist and anarchist groups have created a growing online structure that serves to support violence, especially against law-enforcement. This led to a radicalized, autonomous zone formation in Seattle, which later imploded into chaos and crime. So much for transparency.

Mark Zuckerberg CEO Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook
  • Fun Fact (check): BLM Edition

The founders and leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement openly admit to being “trained Marxists,” with the outlook that “Black lives can’t matter under capitalism… They’re like oil and water,” (the San Francisco Weekly). While most citizens anywhere on the political spectrum do not want violence, it is unjust to allow these elements of a wing to represent the cause of the rest. This goes for both, the far-left as well as the far-right. So it is surely not an offensive or even discriminatory thing to say that ideals of radicalism and violence demonstrated by ironically anti-democracy groups do not exactly have the best interests of the country at heart. And if someone can’t point that out without being accused of insulting or slurring— that speaks volume of the fabric we are ready to live in. (More details here).

Black Lives Matter Protest
BLM Protest
  • C’s the new A

With an overwhelmingly exceptional win at Gabba, Brisbane, Australia, the nation’s C team came home to misty eyes and overwhelming pride. This victory was made even better by the fact that Gabba is known to be a pitch that Aussies never lost on. With all the stars on our roster out on leave, the stand-in captain and fringe players took the test series on, winning 2-1.

Indian Cricket Team after their win against Australia at Gabba, Brisbane, 2021.
Indian Cricket Team after their win against Australia at Gabba, Brisbane, 2021.

And that’s a wrap on January 2021 (phew!). After the Kimye split, the newest smash hit heartbreak anthem by a 17-year-old and a new royal puppy, let’s hope this year is a little more, errr… calamitous than the last.

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