We Didn’t Start The Fire: Feb. & Mar. 2021

By Krishna AdvaniPicture Source: Google Images Ee-ei-ee-ei-NO Do you believe that farmers, the men and women across the country, should be entitled to selling their produce where they get the highest rate of return? Do you think that these farmers have the right to sell their crops beyond the ‘mandis’ of their state and earn…

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We Didn’t Start The Fire: January 2021

By Krishna Advani

The month at a glance so far from black lives matter, US Elections, world politics, sports and much more right here!

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Political Rap and The Black Lives Matter Movement

By Karan Menon

An in-depth piece about the relevence of Rap Music in the history of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ struggle, and Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Alright’.

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The 21st century’s 20s

Since one of the most celebrated decade, the 20, is making a come-back, here are some trends that need to be revived.

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We Didn’t Start The Fire

“Oh what an age, the past decade has been.” This piece talks about the global affairs and their predominant themes in the past decade.

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A Wishlist Item for The New Year- The Roaring ’20s!

The roaring ’20s… full of exuberance and excellence. Everything was over the top, every emotion was over-felt, and every occasion was over-celebrated. It was filled with the oddest but sweetest summers, similar to an over-ripened peach fruit left outside for a while…

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