The 21st century’s 20s

By Esha Aphale  (@eshalikestowrite)
Picture Credits: Pinterest

Since one of the most celebrated decade, the 20, is making a come-back, here are some trends that need to be revived:

  1. Flapper Dresses: I’m rather biased, but it’s only right that flapper dresses make a comeback since they are what
    made the 20s roaring. Gorgeous, beaded, free-spirited dresses that allowed women to dance as boldly and loudly as
    they wanted. These iconic pieces lend a sense of mysteriousness with a hint of frivolous innocence to anyone who
    dons them.
  2. Jazz Music and Jazz Clubs: Jazz was the background music that played during the 20s. Described as, well, jazz
    can’t really be described since it is the amalgam of blues, ragtime and a life that’s been profoundly and loudly lived.
    As Loius Armstrong said, ‘Man, if you gotta ask you’ll never know.” Musicians like Loius Armstrong, Ted Lewis,
    Josephine Baker, The Boswell Sisters and of course, the New Orleans Rhythm Kings were the stars of the genre,
    amongst others. Sadly, they can’t be around the revive the music and brought life to dancing clubs, unlike the
    plastic, pop songs of this generation. But, musicians like Kamasi Washington, Esperanza Spalding, and Christian
    Scott aTunde Adjuah among others are reviving one of the best music genres.
  3. Men being Gentlemen: “Bring chivalry back!” The men in 20s, donned a three-piece suit, charisma and were
    usually called gentlemen as compared to the men of today in grey sweatpants who put their ancestor’s name to
    shame. So, boys, let’s revive being gentlemen and filling up a girl’s house with daisies instead of her DMs with
    unwanted messages.
  4. Political and Economic change: The 20s saw people living happily and carelessly. To quote Charles Dickens in
    A Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best of times, and sometimes it was the worst of times.” But let’s just revive the
    first half of the phrase and the situation. Let’s revive living in a “roaring manner”, and by that, I most definitely do
    not mean the sounds of war. Let’s not revive the KKK but revive living prosperously, in wealth and happiness, sans
    any war. Let’s bring back the art and culture
  5. Safe Protesting: In 20s people protested for beer, wine, and all sorts of alcohol. Today, we are protesting and
    begging to be treated like human beings. Students at JNU are being harmed due to political violence just for voicing
    out their opinions and thoughts. In lieu of reviving the 20s, let’s revive letting people protest and have their voices
    heard without there being any harm sent their way.

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