5 DIY Hacks for Healthy Skin

Say hello to these new additions to your skin care routine this monsoon with easy DIY home remedies and skincare hacks.

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Groundbreaking Trends in Fashion

By Samantha Ferreira

Fashion has had a paradigm shift from being an affluent capability to becoming a household desire. Explore groundbreaking trends, and how they came to be.

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How to Spruce Up Your Desk With Home Decor?

By The Pastel Soul

Working from home shouldn’t be a downer, so here are few tips to add décor and make your work from home desk interesting and fun.

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Hair Tips X BBlunt

By Tejasvi Contractor x BBlunt India

Taking care of your hair is an important step to taking care of yourself. Here are a few easy hair care tips for you to add to your daily TLC!

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Winter Look-Book: Mumbai Edition

Living in Mumbai definitely has its drawbacks in letting us live the cold, ideal winter, but it certainly doesn’t keep us from looking festive! Check out the 5 must-haves in winter fashion this year.

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Interior Design Tips: Making a House a Home

This month, keeping with the theme, ‘Home’, we get a special set of tips from The Pastel Soul Interiors’ co-founder, Ruchi Shroff on how to make a house a home — a place with warmth and trendy nuances.

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