Winter Look-Book: Mumbai Edition

By: Harsheen Sethi

Winter, in my opinion, is the Season of Fashion. The number of looks you can create for yourself during this time are endless. It’s the festive time of year, while also being the season to dress down and still look like a knock out.

Being a coastal city so close to the equator does have its drawbacks in letting us experience the perfectly ‘cold’ winter but that doesn’t mean that it is devoid of perks. Given below are certain must-haves for your wardrobe this season to make the best of “the most wonderful time of the year”!

  1. Polyester Turtleneck

Preferably a black one. We don’t need fuzzy woolen turtlenecks to dial up the fancy on the classic winter look. The thin nature of this makes it the perfect wear for Mumbai evenings.

Source:, Pinterest

2. Plaid Shorts

It is not winter if it is not plaid. The smartest way to wear this winter pattern and not let your body suffer is to wear plaid shorts. Dress it down for a day look, or pair it with a pretty top, and you’re all set for a fancy winter dinner date.

Source: Trendy Outfits, Pinterest

Recommendation: Pair it with your black turtleneck and you’re halfway through the perfect winter look.

3. Denim Jacket

Our winters don’t really allow for long oversized suede coats, so our best substitute is the constant saviour for every fashion look: denim jackets. It’s the ideal companion to your winter evenings, be it for a night out with your girls and a holiday dinner with your close ones.

Source: H&M, Pinterest

4. Holiday Jumper

It doesn’t matter how many degrees it is outside, if it is Christmas Day, it is time to put on your holiday jumper. Pick up the reddest sweatshirt with antlers on it or a snowy white one with words in gold; your pick.

Source: Pinterest

5. Red Lip

Coming to your makeup look this season, go bold. Keep your summery pastel shades aside and opt for a good red lip to pair with your outfits. Keeping the rest of your face neutral, the red lip is perfect to make you stand out!

Source: We Heart It

6. Hoops

Give your thin and big hoops a break and opt for something smaller and sturdier. Pair your cool tones, such as green, with silver hoops; your reds with golden hoops and the ever-neutral white with either. It’s the only accessory you need to complete your look.

Now that you have the essentials, pair ‘em up and go out there looking like the star atop a tree!

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