Interior Design Tips: Making a House a Home

By: Ruchi Shroff,
Co- founder of The Pastel Soul Interiors
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This month, keeping with the theme, ‘Home’, we get a special set of interior design tips from The Pastel Soul Interiors’ co-founder, Ruchi Shroff, an interior designer from Mumbai, on how to make a house a home — a place with warmth and trendy nuances.

1- Adding cushions, floor cushions or rugs.
If the space is simple with neutral colours, adding printed cushions/rugs with bold colours absolutely does the trick. Or in a busy space, adding cushions in solid tones & gradations makes it appear subtle, but adds a pop nonetheless.

rugs, throwpillows, cushions that make a house warmer and make it a home.
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2 – Light play!
Most rooms consist of two types of lighting: Task lighting & ambient lighting.
Task lighting is required for reading, and other chores, whereas ambient lighting is used more for decorative purpose & creates warmth.
Adding candles is the ultimate mood uplifter, and creates the best warm vibe.

3 – Add memories.
The best way to make a house feel like a home is to add a personal touch. Putting up pictures in creative quirky ways is a constant reminder of happy times, which is an instant warm feeling for both, the people living in the house, and the people visiting.
The pictures could be in the form of a collage or big portraits, hung on clips or any other unique format.

family photograph wall which allows a home to display memories
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4- Color play!
 A room with warm tones automatically feels cozy.
In other spaces which are white-dominant, creating a highlight wall in the right color will create interest and warmth in the room, and also draws attention to itself.

5- Greens all the way.
Considering the crazy concrete jungle we survive in, a little green here and there can bring comfort and zen in the easiest way possible.It sends out positive vibes & livens up a space. The best part about this is that it can be so easily acquired in the form of house plants, that are all the rage recently, like cacti, ferns, etc.

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