A New Night

i like nights that are unfiltered.
by lights and sounds and more lights.
and more sounds.
i like watching them from as dark as my bedroom gets.
i like them when they’re just the right colour.
a half hour after the sun sets.
a new night.
evening blue hours need to be evening blue hours. 
golden hours have melted into blue ones.
we like the blues better. so let us be. 
for us, it’s the blues that glitter. 
i hear people calling me, screaming my name.
i see them talking to me.
‘i can’t hear you.’ a song that controls me is more important to me than my name is.
let me be where i want to be.
it’s the place you don’t know about because i’ve made it mine.
let me be the person who feels more than it’s sane to. 
let me fall asleep looking at the night.
don’t trouble my eyes.
tonight is melancholic

and i like the blues better. 

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