By: Harsheen Sethi

Home is where the heart is but mine lies scattered across lands, people, and time.

Home is something you are meant to be able to fall back upon. It’s a place you go to at the end of a long day. It’s a person who stands by you as you fight your battles. It’s the times you look back on, when you felt the most content.

A home is something you’ve had or have right now. Something your 5 senses can experience. Something whole.

But what happens when your home lies a few moments ahead? Sometimes, home is a new land you are yet to make your own. It’s the people you are yet to meet and love. It’s the memories you are going to make. Home is the hope you have to create this for yourself.

A home isn’t just found, it’s built. A home is yours to make and remake till it’s just the right way for you. Home is wherever your heart is, even if the place has yet to exist.

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