MII: The Indian e-Commerce Revolution

Written by Liril Panchal

A self-written piece by Liril Panchal about her latest home story and e-commerce venture – Made In India.

A store that sells a 100% Indian products.

Yes, we claim to love our nation very much, and we truly do, however when we are to help as citizens of the country and consumers in this economy, a recurring problem crops up that seems tough to solve at first, but has become a motto in the living conscience of our brand & company building.

Many times, we buy products from countries that we might not be ideologically in sync with, and sometimes those states’ whose products quality is up to the mark have their prices ranking up way too high. In this journey of measuring the pros and cons of exported goods, we faced a sudden outburst of homegrown businesses during the much infamous period of Covid-19.

We started to witness a rich, green, upward scale in the GDP when we began buying internally on a truly large level. As any other resident of India, I decided to chime in with my share of efforts towards the tone of loyalty. I decided to push the message of buying locally amongst my community by developing a virtual marketplace for customers to have a seamless shopping experience, wherein all their requirements of a multitudinous variety of products can be met, along with introducing qualitative brands that diligently supply products manufactured or produced in India with transparency.

Like many entrepreneurs, I rose to the occasion of creating this business as per the need of the hour. All I heard near me was Atmanirbhar Bharat and Local4Vocal. I was delighted that such a movement was gaining pace, however, I knew trends are very common these days. My love for the land I was born out of did not allow me to leave these phrases as mere hashtags. So I decided to collect all lovely Indian brands from all over the country to come to be a part of my platform. I wish to make this an authentic and yet commercially viable and successful product so that a large base of consumers can access something that gives them options, trust and an excellent shopping experience.

I am a 22-year-old governmental organisation student, with the high held aspiration of becoming either a bureaucrat or diplomat one day.

Having finished my higher education with being a philosophy major, I have a penchant for research topics such as Vedic philosophy, the Gita & Yog. I dream of a day where I can say, I helped make the world around me a better place by doing my own bit.

This business was my vision towards that path. I wish to carry out my dreams every day, as ethically and sustainably as possible. We have in the course of one year, in the aims of becoming sustainable, tried to create this an as friendly a platform can be for not only our customers through quality checks on goods sold but also our vendors who have collectively started producing on-demand instead of retaining mass inventories; which in turn become a mindful process that is synonymous with concepts such as; slow fashion and waste reduction.

Our genre of products– We are building a portfolio of products that range from Essential to Luxury. We are a platform for Shelved foods, Tableware, Lounge, Home & Garden, Stationery, Electronics, Health, Artisanal, Handicraft, Beauty & Cosmetics, Lifestyle, Apparel & Accessories, Décor, Luxury products & more. We’re game to housing gigantic amounts of diversity when it comes to listing with vendors and the type of products they want to display on our e-commerce page & upcoming website.

Our goal is to be a business with a perfect circle of production, to platform, to customer. We take to the responsibilities every business should comply with as conscious creators of flow in and out of people’s lives and pockets very seriously. Pledging to generate an understanding of this cause of internal production and quality alleviation by joining the game as a fair player, we hope to one day be a business of amazonian success with us leaning towards the commercial model that just happens to be gifted with the care for details in the most genuine way possible. 

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