MII: The Indian e-Commerce Revolution

By Liril Panchal

The story behind the mindful, patriotic start-up entitled Made In India, which is vocal for local!

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Modus Operandi

By Neeti Adhia ‘Every criminal has his own MO’ This is the basic perception all of us have when we come across the term ‘Modus Operandi’. This Latin term in criminology means the pattern of behavior of the criminal or his way of committing a crime.  ‘Ted Bundy’, the American known for his way of…

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Newfound Ignorance? Pandemic Edition

By Jasnoor Anand

“This pandemic cannot be another one of societies experiences of new-found ignorance. It is time to redesign society as we know it.”

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Four Beginnings in Business to Watch Out for!

What better way to celebrate beginnings than to take a look at some of the start-up businesses around us? The Riptide brings to you the four of the Mumbai-based businesses that are not only female run, but also stories of loving what you do.

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