Four Beginnings in Business to Watch Out for!

What better way to celebrate beginnings than to take a look at some of the start-up businesses around us? The Riptide brings to you the four of the Mumbai-based businesses that are not only female run, but also stories of loving what you do.

  1. Atisa, By Maneet and Sanjum Bhasin
    (@atisathelabel on Instagram)

In a world full of businesses built out of a basement, Atisa comes out different than the rest. Atisa is the result of dream-filled years of a mother (Maneet Bhasin) turning into a reality with her daughter and her support (Sanjum Bhasin). It started off as a small fashion label sticking to the classic Indian pieces. However, it was their outfits with block printing-a risky move at the time- and a more western approach to traditional pieces that put Atisa on the big market. However, Atisa is more than its clothes, it’s their customers. The phrase ‘the customer is always right’ is their motto, with every detail on every clothing made by the will of their clients. It even prides itself on a quick 24 hour service, so you don’t have to wait too long to look good. The one thing that sets Atisa apart the most is the place it comes from, a tight knit family support. The founders devote their every success to their mother and grandmother without whom Atisa may not even have happened.

2. TreatsByT
(@treatsbyt on Instagram)

A jack of most, if not all trades, Tanisha Kaur has captured our hearts, and stomachs, by her delectable treats. It started off as a means to fulfill her midday cravings and within a day, it had turned into business operating from her home kitchen in Bandra. The treat that has made TreatsbyT what it is currently is her creation of Edamame Truffle Snow. It mixes the components of the most traditional item, a dip, with a more contemporary delight: edamame. With the right hint of flavor, it’s the perfect healthy item to snack on. TreatsbyT is known to whip up some really special goodies, from edible cookie dough to Twix pieces in sizes you can only imagine. With hampers both festive and cute, you say it and it’s yours.

3. ClickedByS
(@clickedbys on Instagram)

It’s never too young to start and ClickedbyS is proof of that. A passion grown over the years turned into a lot more than just that. Determined to make something of her love for photography, Sehej Bhasin first started off doing informal shoots for her friends and loved ones. It wasn’t until a day at the studio that made her see herself there a lot. It’s always scary to start something new but she dove into this headfirst, from finding the right space to growing her clientele. It’s always been about doing what she loves the most which is why in one of her most recent endeavor, she tied up with Abhilasha Foundation to raise awareness and donate her earnings from her clients to a child in need of an open heart surgery. And all you have to do to be a part of this frame, is dress up and strike your best pose.

4. Pastel Soul
(@thepastelsoulinteriors on Instagram)

Pastel Soul Interiors is an interior design company, and the product of Ruchi Shroff and Priyanka Modi’s creativity. Based out of Mumbai, India, the company started out in 2012, creating bespoke spaces in the color palettes across every taste. The name comes from a reflection of both their personalities, and creates the exact amount of zen that they aim to pass on to the client. They live by Coco Chanel’s saying, “An interior is the natural projection of the soul,” and leave a little bit of their pastel touch wherever they go. From aesthetic salons to hipster eateries— they’ve done it all! Each of their projects stand out from the rest of its kind because of the heart and soul they pour into the work. “We know we aren’t just building spaces,” said Ruchi Shroff, when asked about the company’s passion for their projects, “…we’re building dreams. People’s hard earned money and life time savings go into creating the places we design.” When asked about their favorite kinds of projects, the duo replied, “Whether it is creating a mother’s dream home or a makeups artist’s temple for her work — we put our heart and soul into everything we do.” Check out their instagram to find your aesthetic (pastel) soulmate!

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