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By Tejasvi Contractor (Asst. Salon Manager), BBlunt India
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The pandemic has been stressful and demotivating in a lot of ways. In all of this, taking care of ourselves should be a top priority. A part of this self-care is to make sure we are giving our body and hair all the nourishment it needs to stay healthy.

While we have all missed the TLC and self-pampering that our go-to salons provide us with, there is no reason we should deprive ourselves of gorgeous-looking locks till they reopen! BBlunt Khar’s Tejasvi Contractor gives us the ideal Lockdown Haircare Routine to keep that mane tamed.

  1. Massage your scalp– Make sure you are massaging your scalp in circular movements for a few minutes in the morning and night. This helps with the blood circulation and the growth of your hair. What better way to keep the roots rejuvenated?
Massage your scalp!

2. Tricks for oiling– If you apply oil, make sure you shampoo it by using the dry shampoo technique: first, apply shampoo on your scalp, and then start adding water. After this, go about your regular shampoo routine. This helps to remove the oil far better, and you will not have to keep shampooing your hair over and over. It’s a good step to avoid making your hair dry. One can also apply oil on their scalp just 30 minutes before they shampoo. 

Dry Shampoo
Dry Shampoo Technique

3. Water Temperature– Wash your hair with warm water to remove product, build-up and dirt. But at the end rinse with cool water to add shine, seal in moisture, and prevent frizz.

Warm water first

4. Detangle– Always start detangling your hair from the bottom, going up towards your scalp. It is better to detangle your hair after you apply your conditioner. After you shampoo put on some conditioner and then let it remain in your hair for 4-5 mins. Post that, you should detangle and rinse. This will allow the conditioner to do its work instead of you combing it and removing the conditioner immediately. 

Detangle bottom-up

5. Leave in Cream– Here’s a cardinal rule: use heat protection like a leave-in conditioner or anti-frizz before you go on to blow-dry. You can apply the product generously on towel-dried hair. I personally prefer BBLUNT’s anti-frizz product, ‘Climate Control’. It makes hair super manageable and is designed keeping in mind Indian texture. 

BBLUNT Climate Control

6. Styling– Make sure your hair is completely dry before you tie it, or it may lead to breakage. Also keep in mind, before using any heat appliances like iron or tongs your hair should be 100% dry. One can apply a serum before or after the styling process. 

hair styling tool
Make sure your hair is dry!

7. Dandruff– If you have dandruff and an itchy scalp after every wash, take a final rinse with lemon juice squeezed in cold water. Voila! Your scalp is healthy in the most natural way.

Lemon juice in cold water

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