We Didn’t Start The Fire: April 2021

By Krishna Advani

From academy awards to international developments: a lot happened in April 2021. This month’s news article catches you right up on it.

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How Did America & Britain Become Allies within a Century?

By Rayomand Bhacka

An interesting chronology of the Anglo-American Alliance, which evolved from colonial rule to a welfare-based diplomatic tie.

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Groundbreaking Trends in Fashion

By Samantha Ferreira

Fashion has had a paradigm shift from being an affluent capability to becoming a household desire. Explore groundbreaking trends, and how they came to be.

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Six: The Musical

A review on the new and upcoming West End musical, ‘Six’.

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The 21st century’s 20s

Since one of the most celebrated decade, the 20, is making a come-back, here are some trends that need to be revived.

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Of Royals and Ruins

By: Nina Jehangir Places Captured: Vienna, Lisbon, Venice, Belem, and Portugal.

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A Day At The Met

A small glimpse into the United States largest and most known art museum, ‘The Met’ (The Metropolitan Museum of Art). It is an attraction for anyone with an eye for creativity, serving as an inspiration to locals and tourists alike.

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