Exclusive Interview: Dr Namrata Jadwani (The Smylist)

By The Editors

Dr Namrata Jadwani (aka The Smylist) brings her visions and ambitions to life, and she’s telling us all about it! Read her interview here.

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How To Write About Feminists

By Shanaia Malkani

Sarcastic, humorous, and filled with caustic commentary on the stereotypes of feminists, this piece calls out every token representation yet.

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We Didn’t Start The Fire: April 2021

By Krishna Advani

From academy awards to international developments: a lot happened in April 2021. This month’s news article catches you right up on it.

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Toxic: Slipping Under On-Screen Narratives

By Harsheen Sethi

Through the gendered narrative, this piece takes a closer look at the portrayal of toxic relationships and the trope of ‘broken’ and ‘fixer’ through popular TV series and movies.

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The Choice of Motherhood

By Vasundhara Singh

Is the role and identity if a woman restricted to motherhood? This poem explores the journey of a woman (through pregnancy) by a new narrative, based on the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act Amendment, 2020.

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(Lack of) Narratives in Bollywood

By Rhea Sabherwal

Mainstream Indian Cinema is at the threshold of reinventing itself, but will it do so inclusively? Our Bollywood Addict writes on narratives and more.

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Renee Feels Pretty and So Should Everyone!

By Nakshatra Shah

“You have a perfect life, in an imperfect body… Just being what you are and embracing your inner beauty, is what’s normal.” Read a frank, refreshing, and optimistic review of the Amy Schumer hit, ‘I Feel Pretty’.

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In Case You Haven’t Calmed Down

All it is, is an ode to who you are and a dig at everything that tried to get in your way.

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Ecofeminism : A Perspective

By Krishna Advani Picture Credit: Google Images Coined by the French feminist Françoise d’Eaubonne in 1974, ‘ecofeminism’ focuses on multiple relationships, such as the equality of two genders (which forms the basic tenets of feminism), the closer analysis of what constitutes nonlinear/non-patriarchal structures along with what comprises holistic and organic processes for the welfare of…

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