Circus of Life

By Simran Ramsay

Each of us has a role to play. Sometimes on a stage, sometimes in a circus. Read about one such circus called life.

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A Tough Act to Follow

By Ekasmayi Naresh

A hauntingly descriptive poem about the gorgeously solemn experience and spectacle that is a circus, from surreal memories.

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In Case You Haven’t Calmed Down

All it is, is an ode to who you are and a dig at everything that tried to get in your way.

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Water’s Risen

By Karan Menon Picture credits : Instagram account @mushroomtrip The evils of Lucy was all around me,Had a feeling, I was drowning.Everyone sitting around looking at me and frowning,Just because I was a kid with bipolarity,I saw her she was pretty, she was my light,She’s someone I can have, but can’t keep.The water’s risen, it’s…

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