Circus of Life

By Simran Ramsay
Picture source: Pinterest India

For the longest time I thought that the song from lion king was called “circus of life” and not “circle of life.”
When I realised the mistake I was repeatedly making, I felt rather silly but looking back now I think maybe it’s because when I was younger I did interpret life as something akin to a circus.

A circus with clowns that laughed and cried, jugglers that tossed and caught,  people balancing on tightropes, playing with fire, magic, all sorts of bizarre things that no-one would ever think to compare to the ordinary, daily life of an average family, yet for some reason I did. 

She reminded me of the jugglers, with so much on her plate.
A job, two kids, deadlines, husband, always  staying up late.
Exhausted but happy, her warm hands we’d hold,
Bright eyes, watery smiles and the many stories she told.

He reminded me of those that  tiptoed on  tightropes,
The risks that he would take, so much to lose, so little to gain.
A dainty, staggering rope he stood on, carefully progressing ahead,
His shoulders burdened from the responsibility
Of his family’s needs ,well being and health. 

They didn’t remind me of magic, they were magic itself.
It’s tricky to stay in love after years and years of hell.
They overcame so much but their flame never dulled. 
each night, in an embrace, with entwined hearts they’d lull.

We are the clowns in the circus of life.
We laugh, cry, frown and die
Our whole life an emotional ride,
But the memories and experiences make it worth our while. 

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