Circus of Life

By Simran Ramsay

Each of us has a role to play. Sometimes on a stage, sometimes in a circus. Read about one such circus called life.

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A Cry for Help

By Meghna ManglaniImage Credits: Pinterest I was standing on my balcony under a roof surrounded by tall, strong, beautiful big trees moving vigorously around, both of us trying to enjoy the heavy rain that was filled with lightning and thunderstorms. I was confused. Should I enjoy this “beautiful” rain of April or be worried? At first,…

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Bollywood Addict’s Opinion: Nepotism Edition

By Rhea Sabherwal

Everything you need to know to stay updated on the whole Bollywood nepotism ‘debate’ brought to you by our favourite Bollywood Addict.

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Heart Spoke Up!

By Tanvi Ghotage

Groundbreaking isn’t just about the big things in life, sometimes the small achievements and milestones are just as worthy of earning the term ‘breaking ground’.

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Colour & Trance

By Preeti Kathuria

An artwork and musing that visually expresses the concept of ‘breaking ground’ by using colours.

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By Mallika Goel Home is where the heart is, they say. A bowl of macaroni, The whiff of first rain, Unrestrained laughter at a friend’s expense. Home is where the heart is,eh? You knocked loudly, I shyly opened the door. You proceeded to make yourself at home, While I became a stranger. You tore off…

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This month, we have a special edition of a spoken word piece by the author of ‘Urban Insanity’, Saheba Atal. You can check out her book at

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