Heart Spoke Up!

By Tanvi Ghotage
Picture Source: Pinterest

Walking down the street,
my heart says something,
I stop to hear,
but it doesn’t repeat.

Must be normal for you,
but this happened out of the blue,
my brain is generally the spokes-organ,
it sets my routine,

As spontaneous as I want to be,
nothing in my life is unforeseen,
planned like a school day,
not a minute to spare.

“Here you eat, there you pray”,
a breath of fresh air,
is like a long vacation.

Once; a minute of work, 
I skipped,
the penalty; my heart bore,
by my brain, it was dipped.

In the sea of anxiety,
it drowned,
became breathless,
I became a huge mountain of stress.

But suddenly, today,
I heard my heart say,
this one word it said,
became groundbreaking for me!

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