Letter to: My Pre-Pandemic Self

By Neeti Adhia

For some, change occurs within the span of a single pandemic. Read this letter about advice given to one’s past-self through time.

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The Willow

By Preeti Kathuria

A poem about the still and mundane existence during quarantine, until it’s disrupted by the presence of a certain plant near the window.

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A Plea for the Present

By Ekasmayi Naresh

Despite being in the present, we often find ourselves opening doors to the past and future. Instead of trying to open them, we should appreciate today

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Heart Spoke Up!

By Tanvi Ghotage

Groundbreaking isn’t just about the big things in life, sometimes the small achievements and milestones are just as worthy of earning the term ‘breaking ground’.

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Time Through Tinted Lenses

A poem about the spectrum of living, growing, and thriving – all through life, through time in multicolour as colours turn to metaphors.

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Have you ever been caught in the endless spiral of overthought? In this piece, Tanya explores that feeling with a beautiful journey of introspection. “We can’t let pain and trauma become so familiar to us that we forget that happiness is a choice.”

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