Time Through Tinted Lenses

By: Ekasmayi Naresh
Picture Source: Pinterest.com

A vial, within it a void
what could be a fount of fecundity
is, for now, imbued with stillness
until stirred awake
by the first cry of birth
that adds to this concoction of creation
the first hints of blue
only to be followed by life’s many miseries
which infuse this indigo with an insoluble richness.

But the surge of sadness
stands staggered through the years
succeeded by surprising spurts of mirth
sunny and spirited
this flood of yellow in the mix
waters the fertile ground
for the sprouting of a serene green
signalling the splendour of contentment
which in some seasons of our life
help us proudly preen.

This piquant potion
is then peppered with infrequent screams of purple
emblematic of frothing excitement
ebbing into curiosity and enthusiasm
hailing the arduous adventures
that storm life into this prosaic chasm.
With it comes a haunting hue
of bright orange specs
marking uncertainties
the prevailing liveliness does it subdue. This anachronous anxiety
broken only by a rush of red
passionate in amorous appeal
as is it in animosity.
Running on raw adrenaline
this ruddiness traces its journey
till the final finish line,
at which point lies
the long-awaited white light
or a like coloured flag
of surrender to the inevitable
This bubbling brew of everchanging blends
paints a spectrum of a story
from the beginning to the very end.

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