12 Types of Movies for 12 Types of Viewers: Valentine’s Day!

By Rhea Sabherwal

Wondering which movie is JUST the one for you on Valentine’s Day? The Bollywood Addict has 12 recommendations based on your type.

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The Pandemic: A Musical

By Bhagyashree Phadnis

“Art never dies, it’s eternal and is
accessible irrespective of time, place and language.” Read a musing about music that transported the author despite being confined during the lockdown.

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Travel Plans for Summer 2020

By Hetvi Kamdar

2020 has changed the way we way a million different things. One such major change has been caused in the way we travel now.

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Colour & Trance

By Preeti Kathuria

An artwork and musing that visually expresses the concept of ‘breaking ground’ by using colours.

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Time Through Tinted Lenses

A poem about the spectrum of living, growing, and thriving – all through life, through time in multicolour as colours turn to metaphors.

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This City Feels Like Home

Following Geeta Lalvani, her red sneakers, and her friends through New York City: one of the craziest places to call home.

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A poem about the Jabberwocky, a metaphor for ‘fear’ from ‘Alice in Wonderland’, and the fearlessness it brings with being slain.

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