Let Me Skip To The Good Part: The Click by AJR

By Harsheen Sethi

Some albums occupy a place in your heart like they were meant to call it their home. This review explains how AJR achieves that with theirs.

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12 Types of Movies for 12 Types of Viewers: Valentine’s Day!

By Rhea Sabherwal

Wondering which movie is JUST the one for you on Valentine’s Day? The Bollywood Addict has 12 recommendations based on your type.

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By Hues_n_Blues

Real vs. Reel takes a new meaning with this poem, based on the version of you known by everybody-and-nobody.

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The Web

This short-story tells a chilling yet beautiful tale of how all 7 billion of us are intertwined in the same web with different narratives.

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A personal reflection on the past few weeks

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A Pretty Word #1

Ever felt an emotion that you can’t really find a word for? This one captures just that!

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“That’s just life, being unexpectedly, unassumingly breathtaking…”

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