By Hues_n_Blues

Real vs. Reel takes a new meaning with this poem, based on the version of you known by everybody-and-nobody.

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Is It Really Me?

By Ekasmayi Naresh

A poem on crossing the revolving door of real and reel, into the cloakroom of existence by a vivid dreamer.

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The Web

This short-story tells a chilling yet beautiful tale of how all 7 billion of us are intertwined in the same web with different narratives.

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Grandfather Paradox

By Neeti Adhia

The discussion of time travel is almost impossible without the ‘Grandfather paradox’ being brought up. Read this article to know more!

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By Aalia Jagwani

The word ‘revolution’ redefined to fit a new understanding of it. To go beyond what the dictionary says it to be, to create your own meaning.

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Never Give Up

An inspirational poem reiterating that no matter what happens, never give up. You’re a fighter through and through, and there’s a strength within you.

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