By Simran Ramsay

Facing a problem is challenging when there are many ways out, other than the right thing to do. This poem shows the outcome of 3 such doors.

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Society (Mirror, Mirror)

By Jasnoor Anand

A musing about the self-image that the mirror of society propagates, leading one to think of themselves as unworthy.

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Have you ever been caught in the endless spiral of overthought? In this piece, Tanya explores that feeling with a beautiful journey of introspection. “We can’t let pain and trauma become so familiar to us that we forget that happiness is a choice.”

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Never Give Up

An inspirational poem reiterating that no matter what happens, never give up. You’re a fighter through and through, and there’s a strength within you.

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Happy Thoughts to help you stay afloat! This one is about: Healing.

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