Diary Entry: Finding Passion

By Simran Ramsay

Some dreams go beyond sleep. Certain passion has fate written all over it. Read the road to this realization through a single day.

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365 Days

We find ourselves at the same place every year. We set ourselves up for daunting tasks, but this reminds us to be proud for trying.

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To Be a Writer

This musing talks about how sometimes, our words and sentiments are not ours alone; they belong to the writers who have come before us.

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The Web

This short-story tells a chilling yet beautiful tale of how all 7 billion of us are intertwined in the same web with different narratives.

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The Pandemic: A Musical

By Bhagyashree Phadnis

“Art never dies, it’s eternal and is
accessible irrespective of time, place and language.” Read a musing about music that transported the author despite being confined during the lockdown.

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Travel Plans for Summer 2020

By Hetvi Kamdar

2020 has changed the way we way a million different things. One such major change has been caused in the way we travel now.

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The Cynic and The Surrealist

A talk between the cynic and the surrealist where the cynic likes what the surrealist says.

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I Lived

….. in this world of social media, I hope that romance, love, poetry, art, literature, friendships, adventure, connections and bonds are not lost.

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Our Own Masterpieces

I often wonder what people think when they say, “I’m waiting to fall in love” or “I think I’m finally in love”. The problem with us is that we don’t know the value of self love. Of self respect. It’s so uncommon to love yourself, that it’s a revolutionary accomplishment when you do so.

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