The Cynic and The Surrealist

A talk between the cynic and the surrealist where the cynic likes what the surrealist says.
The sand’s slipping under my feet. Unusual.

“Back where it belongs.” Where does it belong? The beach? The ocean?

“I bet there’s more sand in the ocean than there is at the beach.
“Have you seen it?” Did you know that underwater vision cancels out the colour red first?

“It does? That’s surprising. What do you think of the waves?

“I feel like they keep surrendering.” Surrendering?
“Yeah.” I see. “They can get past me. But they always surrender.”

Hmmm. You see that kid over there? “That kid playing with sand right there?” Mmhmm? Oh, look at that! Did ya see that?!

“The thing he just did?” It looks fun, doesn’t it? “You’ve never done that before?” You have?

“The sand’s black here. Here, hold it. How’s it feel?”
“I don’t know. It’s weird.. surprisingly nice.” Rub hands. Wet sand.
Press ’em together. Press. Feet clawed to the sand. Press. Scoop and whee!

“We’re kids playing with sand at the beach.”
Can we be kids playing with sand at the beach?!

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