Diary Entry: Finding Passion

By Simran Ramsay

Some dreams go beyond sleep. Certain passion has fate written all over it. Read the road to this realization through a single day.

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Recipe Time: Crispy Lotus Stem!

By Ladle and Love

This recipe is for all you lotus stem lovers. An easy recipe which is packed with flavour will become the go-to for you on a long day.

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Avant-Garde Food Life!

By FoodHuntMumbai

All the food items you and your family need to get a headstart on making. During these stressful times, cooking and baking can do wonders!

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Spectrum Recipes: Tasting Colors

This summer and monsoon, taste colors with Ladle & Love’s wonderful new recipes, comprising each shade of the spectrum!

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Recipe: Roll-ing In The Summer

Beat the summer heat with a healthy, vegan and gluten-free snack of Veggie Rolls with Peanut Sauce! Easy to make, and far easier to devour.

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Muffins Recipe: Festive Cranberry, Dark Chocolate & Oat

This recipe isn’t just healthy, it’s also the taste-equivalent of all the festive colors. So embrace the season, and whip out your apron to prepare the perfect breakfast or snack for a sweet tooth!

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A Taste of Home

…I could sense the nostalgia she felt when she would talk about home, although I never quite realised the extent of it. She loved cooking, which was partly the reason why I used to visit their place so frequently.

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