Avant-Garde Food Life!

By FoodHuntMumbai

Life has come to a standstill as we see it right now. With work from home and work at home, it’s become mandatory for us to cope up with professional and personal pressures, all at the same time. 

With this, the question arises, “Are we managing just fine?” To be frank, we are, definitely with hints of complaints, but, WE ARE!

Staying home during the pandemic, we never imagined we’d have to take up so many responsibilities on our own – mind you, without the aid of house helpers! It was fun, exciting, confusing, frustrating and bothersome all at once. However, we will definitely agree on one common fact that kept us going strong happily – HOME FOOD!

Home food connected families once again, created a sense of belonging and amplified quality time. We enjoyed learning traditional recipes from the elderly and creating new dishes with our own creativities. All of us have cooked and baked our hearts out and rekindled our dear love for food amidst the gloomy atmosphere. 

We can proudly say that we would look forward to each day in order to whip up something new and show off our home chef skills! This gave us a sense of excitement, joy and has also helped us get through this uncertain phase. With time, we’ll be breaking ground with this new sense of attainment – of enjoying life as it comes and cooking our way to happiness!

Have a look at few of our favourite food recipes that we created which gave us and our families the greatest pleasure during the pandemic!

Chocolate Fudge Cake 
Gooey, moist, chocolaty and dreamy! Trust us, this is the ultimate survival kit! One (or 10) bite(s) a day, no more sadness in the way! Comfort food for the win.

Butter Chicken
Family time and butter chicken go hand in hand – creamy, finger-licking goodness!
PS. We may have made it more than a million times!

Honey Whole-Wheat Bread
We discovered our love for bread-making and haven’t gone back to store bought bread since then! The smell of a freshly baked loaf is enough to lift up your spirits!

Paneer Tikka
When you’re missing tikkas and kebabs, your only option is to make it at home – surprisingly it’s super easy and super delicious! Best part? Gobble up as many tikkas as you want, no judging at home!

Vegetable Laksa
Being Asian-cuisine fanatics, we couldn’t hold back our cravings for a warm bowl of noodles with curry. This vegetarian version stole our hearts and is now a regular dish at home!

It is now time for you to get up from that couch and get cooking! Spend time with others while also spending time with yourself! Adapt to the new normal, accept it with a big heart. It’s these little things in life that have the most profound impact on us – contentment, rejoice, elation, bonding and of course, FOOD!

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