The Web

This short-story tells a chilling yet beautiful tale of how all 7 billion of us are intertwined in the same web with different narratives.

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Pandemic Living: The New Normal

By Benjamin Jolly

A new normal is introduced to us as the Covid19 virus causes physical, economical and mental trauma on millions.

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Maybe Now

By Aalia Jagwani

“Maybe Here and Now is everywhere and everything.”

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Deconstructing Diane Arbus: A Quiet Revolutionary

By Vasundhara Singh

Diane Arbus; a revolutionary in her own way. She has broken ground and created a space for people unlike any other creative personality.

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Recipe Time: Crispy Lotus Stem!

By Ladle and Love

This recipe is for all you lotus stem lovers. An easy recipe which is packed with flavour will become the go-to for you on a long day.

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A Thank You, and Goodbye

By Anusha Kala

A truly heartfelt letter to Sushant Singh Rajput by a fan who resonates with what everyone has been feeling post his demise.

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The Tale of Thalis

From being the staple of the ancient Kings and Queens to the current generation’s quirky thalis, it’s evolved and regained its spirit.

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Summer of Delhi

A piece about a home away from home. How do you make a new city your own?

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A new perspective to the word that been around since the begining of man. Read our take on what this word means to us and could to you.

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An attempt at redefining a word that comprises of the past, present, and the future!

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