By Krishna Advani

A bond is usually something that reduces proximity, a rope, or a James. It could also sometimes indicate that someone owes you money. At your sentimental best, you could paraphrase the Cambridge definition of “a close connection joining two or more people.” I see bonds slightly differently, though. 

A bond can be a smile after opening a box full of polaroids. It can be the wide eyed grins the second that song starts playing. A bond is glasses full, and an evening laden with old stories. It can be the journey you never knew you all undertook, while your destination passes you by. 

A bond is people living in each other’s memories and making them home. It can be making new traditions, without an end in sight.

A bond is phone calls like clockwork, with your mind reaching for its 4 o’clock fix of conversations with that person. It can be sharing childhood stories, and gaining more in return. A bond is sharing your favorite poetry, knowing they’ll keep it safe. It can be silence on both ends — and just the feeling of knowing that they’re there. 

A bond is shared pain, and the common trauma endured. It can be the smile that keeps you going from across the room, or a fishing hook whenever you’re swimming inside your head. The same familiar chuckling to the same spilled chili, and the mutual distaste for living sober and quietly.

A bond is loving their pet even though you swear cats have it out for you. It can be getting to know the person who was right there all along. 

A bond is learning how to laugh at yourself at the hands of Humor themselves. It can be the loud laughter outside a classroom that causes quiet smirks inside, because that one person’s laughter was too amusing.

A bond is that one thing in the canteen that is ordered unquestionably. It can be the ricochet between a fancy latte and “two double coffees and one chai”—  each morning. 

A bond is reaching for the phone at 3 am because you know they’ll be there. It can be reciting dialogues from your favorite films, and eyes that light up when they realize it. 

A bond is few words uttered, and several things unsaid. It can be the mutual admiration of someone whose songs you play on repeat. 

A bond is knowing the inside of their head, even though you haven’t met in months. It can be the familiarity and comfort of coming home, and a safety that’s incomparable. 

A bond is being closer than ever, despite a few oceans in your way. It can be imagined happiness, and a smile it leaves on its way.

A bond is asking for a best friend and gaining way more, instead. It can be dreams worked into reality, gossip you share even if you’re mad, and a detailed preemptive agreement of which ice-cream flavor means a white flag of truce. 

noun: bond
1. the feeling people remember you by.
2. the proximity you hope will never fade. The memories you know will always remain.
3. a tether that makes sure you’re not too far away. The tether that makes sure they’re never too far away.

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