How To Write About Feminists

By Shanaia Malkani

Sarcastic, humorous, and filled with caustic commentary on the stereotypes of feminists, this piece calls out every token representation yet.

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By Hues_n_Blues

Real vs. Reel takes a new meaning with this poem, based on the version of you known by everybody-and-nobody.

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Is It Really Me?

By Ekasmayi Naresh

A poem on crossing the revolving door of real and reel, into the cloakroom of existence by a vivid dreamer.

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Toxic: Slipping Under On-Screen Narratives

By Harsheen Sethi

Through the gendered narrative, this piece takes a closer look at the portrayal of toxic relationships and the trope of ‘broken’ and ‘fixer’ through popular TV series and movies.

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The Choice of Motherhood

By Vasundhara Singh

Is the role and identity if a woman restricted to motherhood? This poem explores the journey of a woman (through pregnancy) by a new narrative, based on the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act Amendment, 2020.

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Turkmenistan – The Politics of Isolation

By Rayomand Bhacka

Why is a repressive and authoritarian rule so deeply entrenched and why have the Turkmenistan citizens experienced a total absence of liberalism?

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