How To Write About Feminists

By Shanaia Malkani

Sarcastic, humorous, and filled with caustic commentary on the stereotypes of feminists, this piece calls out every token representation yet.

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(Lack of) Narratives in Bollywood

By Rhea Sabherwal

Mainstream Indian Cinema is at the threshold of reinventing itself, but will it do so inclusively? Our Bollywood Addict writes on narratives and more.

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Fabric of Narration

By Preeti Kathuria

When Truth becomes pliable, it falls upon the reader to distinguish fact from opinion. Read about narratives in news here, in this poem.

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By Aalia Jagwani

The word ‘revolution’ redefined to fit a new understanding of it. To go beyond what the dictionary says it to be, to create your own meaning.

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Old is Gold? A Take on Revivals in Bollywood

The Bollywood Addict is back and she’s got a lot to say about remakes and revivals in the movie industry! Read here to find out if the old is gold formula still works.

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7 Bollywood ‘Horrors’ to watch out for!

Bollywood isn’t really known for making the best movies in the horror genre, but over the years there have been a couple of memorable horror movies. With Halloween coming up, here’s the list of Bollywood horror movies you need to watch if you haven’t yet!

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Beginning of the End

For long, the state of our climate has been ignored, pushed away, or dubbed ‘fake news’, but there seems to be nothing fake about the fire that took away most of one of the biggest forests in the world. While the fire was enormous and left destruction in its wake, it’s not un-fixable

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In Case You Haven’t Calmed Down

All it is, is an ode to who you are and a dig at everything that tried to get in your way.

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Ecofeminism : A Perspective

By Krishna Advani Picture Credit: Google Images Coined by the French feminist Françoise d’Eaubonne in 1974, ‘ecofeminism’ focuses on multiple relationships, such as the equality of two genders (which forms the basic tenets of feminism), the closer analysis of what constitutes nonlinear/non-patriarchal structures along with what comprises holistic and organic processes for the welfare of…

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