Exclusive Interview: April Hill Writing

By The Editors

An exclusive interview with anonymous author April Hill on her process, inspirations, and latest book ‘This Is Where The Sadness Ends’.

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A Tough Act to Follow

By Ekasmayi Naresh

A hauntingly descriptive poem about the gorgeously solemn experience and spectacle that is a circus, from surreal memories.

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By Harsheen SethiA tête-à-tête with founder, Ritu Chandra. In almost every Indian household, a cup of tea is the remedy to all that could go wrong. Be it a bad cough, high fever, or even a bad day, there’s not much a cup of tea can’t fix. Growing up I have watched my mom enjoying…

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Ecofeminism : A Perspective

By Krishna Advani Picture Credit: Google Images Coined by the French feminist Françoise d’Eaubonne in 1974, ‘ecofeminism’ focuses on multiple relationships, such as the equality of two genders (which forms the basic tenets of feminism), the closer analysis of what constitutes nonlinear/non-patriarchal structures along with what comprises holistic and organic processes for the welfare of…

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