By Harsheen Sethi
A tête-à-tête with founder, Ritu Chandra.

In almost every Indian household, a cup of tea is the remedy to all that could go wrong. Be it a bad cough, high fever, or even a bad day, there’s not much a cup of tea can’t fix.

Yellow Field Organic Masala Chai Tea
Organic Masala Chai

Growing up I have watched my mom enjoying her cup of kadak masala chai as a sacred habit, and for me tea has always been that special drink — the one I associate with peace and well-being and which makes me feel better. It’s been my companion on cold winter mornings, noisy summer evenings, sick days with some rusk, the family go-to on rainy days with some pakodas, and of course, the perfect lullaby in the form of Chamomile tea.

Over the past few years, the amount of chemicals and pesticides that often goes into our food has become astonishingly high and we’ve managed to find a substitute to almost everything, except tea. Well, that was until Yellowfield was born. Through an approach rooted in health, wellness, and wanting to create an organic alternative, Yellowfield has gone onto become the fastest growing organic tea brands in India.

Founded in 2019, the singular goal is to create organic tea blends that are not just enjoyable but also a step towards a healthier lifestyle. It isn’t always about the final product. Most often, it’s about how the product is created before reaching us that matters most, and it is delightful to see that this principle is prioritized by Yellowfield.

During our tête-à-tête with Ritu Chandra, the woman behind Yellowfield, she mentions how the inspiration for this came from her love for tea and the notion to embrace a healthy lifestyle. An avid tea drinker, she hails from a family which trusted the natural way to a healthy body. Ritu wanted to create something that would provide long-term benefits in a form that people would enjoy, while staying true to their roots.

Ritu Chandra
Ritu Chandra

Upon learning how tea is often grown inorganically (and given the fact she consumes 4 cups daily), the idea of consuming water soluble chemicals with every cup did not sit well with her (as with most of us who gravitate towards our cup every few hours). That is when she got the idea to organically combine natural herbs and spices with tea.

On talking about the hardships she’s faced, Ritu confesses that her biggest hurdle has been changing people’s attitude. Some of us often have the mindset to stick to what we know best, despite learning the side effects and having the means to use an alternative. However, this rigidity has been changing over time and people are becoming more aware on the Do’s and Don’ts. The Honest Company, which is run by Jessica Alba – a famous Hollywood actress, has inspired Ritu Chandra to take steps in order to make such products available readily to the Indian consumers. The challenge she took upon herself was brought on by the question of why high-quality organic products aren’t available as widely in India, even though there is an audience for it.

Signing off with some advice to young entrepreneurs, Ritu says that having a ‘core purpose’ which you abide by and work towards constantly is the key to a long and successful business. It will be a long journey and it may be challenging but if you have something to mould your business around, things are bound to be okay.

It’s safe to say that what Yellowfield is aiming to achieve is admirable and the fact that their products taste exceptionally healthy and a treat doesn’t hurt. From ‘Earl Grey’ to ‘Rose Green’, and my personal favourite, ‘Masala Chai’, the range they offer is endless. Give their products a try and I am sure you won’t regret it.

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