A Foodie’s Guide to a Yellow Summer!

By @FoodHuntMumbai

With the onset of summer, all we can think about is everything being bright and yellow! Saying farewell to the gloominess and welcoming happiness is what summer is for us.

In the midst of fun and frolic and vacations incoming, we’re always in a fix about whether to stay at home, cooped up in our bed with Netflix or to step out and enjoy the sun. But, what we’re never confused about is how to start and end our day in this beautiful yellow weather!

Here’s a quick guide for what you can have to make sure you get the most of summer with the sweet and savoury feels.

Tip 1: Start your mornings with delicious eggs. Make sure the bright yolk is always smiling at you either in the form of a sunny side up or as Eggs Benedict!

Tip 2: Keep sipping on fresh lemon juice to keep you hydrated all day long! Vitamins are essential and you must keep yourself ready for adventure in this lovely weather.

Tip 3: There’s never ever going to be a dearth of desserts when it comes to mango season! Gobble up spoons of our favourite fruit and feel yourself slide into peaceful thinking and calmness. Bonus points if you can manage to enjoy the classic mango ice cream during this time.

Summer food: Yellow Mango Ice Cream

Image: Naturals (Copyright @ FoodHuntMumbai)

Isn’t it cool how yellow can occur in so many forms and bring us happiness? Well, we’ve found our summer routine, hope you find yours with our help too!

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