The Art of Death

By Sneha Saha

“Are you afraid of death? Or dying?” A chilling piece on death and everything that surrounds with, written as a short musing.

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Recipe Time: Confit Beetroot Spread!

By Ladle and Love

This July Ladle and Love brings you the ultimate healthy recipe to go with your favorite bread selection: a delectable Beetroot Spread!

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A Plea for the Present

By Ekasmayi Naresh

Despite being in the present, we often find ourselves opening doors to the past and future. Instead of trying to open them, we should appreciate today

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How to Spruce Up Your Desk With Home Decor?

By The Pastel Soul

Working from home shouldn’t be a downer, so here are few tips to add décor and make your work from home desk interesting and fun.

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A Foodie’s Guide to a Yellow Summer!

A quick guide for what you can have to make sure you get the most of summer with the sweet and savoury feels – in yellow!

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Delhi Isn’t Delhi Anymore

“This was my city, where I spent my childhood. I called it home because that is what home meant.” Read about the city of Delhi becoming home, and a listicle of childhood memories revived.

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A poem about the Jabberwocky, a metaphor for ‘fear’ from ‘Alice in Wonderland’, and the fearlessness it brings with being slain.

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A Pretty Word #1

Ever felt an emotion that you can’t really find a word for? This one captures just that!

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This month, we have a special edition of a spoken word piece by the author of ‘Urban Insanity’, Saheba Atal. You can check out her book at

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One For the Month of August

Here are my top 6 picks for this month where you can enjoy Zomato Gold as well as some amazing food in Mumbai.

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Europe At A Glance

All Images by Sehej BhasinCheck out her photography page here! You can’t spell classics and extravagance without a hint of Europe in the mix. A continent with a age old history that has transformed the world to what it is today, Europe has given us a lot of firsts. Most of all, it has given…

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Road to Kedarnath

“… travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. “

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