By: Saheba Atal

This month, we have a special edition of a spoken word piece by the author of ‘Urban Insanity’, Saheba Atal. You can check out her book at amazon.com

You need not be the stars, for being the sky will mean being bigger.
You need not be the moon, for being the sun will mean being brighter.
You need not be the storm, for being the wind will mean being gentler.

The beginning of life, with the sun shining in the sky, and the wind drifting by your skin must have been the realisation of your breath.

Just like that, your dreams are the stars of a sky, twinkling in your eyes, they keep you alive. 

The beginning of hope with the appearance of struggle, 
The beginning of faith with the abundance of strength, 
The beginning of love with the feeling of togetherness, all of this is what brings you to life and living. 

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