The Art of Death

By Sneha Saha

“Are you afraid of death? Or dying?” A chilling piece on death and everything that surrounds with, written as a short musing.

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Searching For a Stranger

By Vasundhara SinghImage source: Unsplash (portugueseactivity) Part I: The Painter Decadent skies overhead, an encompassing envelope, white fluff dancing about, the silent blue swaying towards an unknown shore. I spot a copy of Ariel by Sylvia Plath and a moment later, I am snatching away at the pages. I am not as reserved with it…

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The Pandemic: A Musical

By Bhagyashree Phadnis

“Art never dies, it’s eternal and is
accessible irrespective of time, place and language.” Read a musing about music that transported the author despite being confined during the lockdown.

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Pandemic Living: The New Normal

By Benjamin Jolly

A new normal is introduced to us as the Covid19 virus causes physical, economical and mental trauma on millions.

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The Unbroken Continuance

By Preeti Kathuria

“The unbroken continuance, ticking a rhythmic trance. Once housed in the cuckoo clock, flew off in a single rare instance…”

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Grandfather Paradox

By Neeti Adhia

The discussion of time travel is almost impossible without the ‘Grandfather paradox’ being brought up. Read this article to know more!

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A Letter to Thrift Stores

Dear Thrift Stores,
…thank you for that. For the magic, dust and rediscovering the art of loving a forgotten, damage and a pre-loved item.

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Europe At A Glance

All Images by Sehej BhasinCheck out her photography page here! You can’t spell classics and extravagance without a hint of Europe in the mix. A continent with a age old history that has transformed the world to what it is today, Europe has given us a lot of firsts. Most of all, it has given…

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“I think madness is the privilege of seeing something in a unique way…”

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Don’t You Forget About Me

A take on the classic, ‘The Breakfast Club’.

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