Broadway In The Sky

By Tejas Kulkarni

What do you see in the sky when you look up? This poem captures the different things each of us views in the vast expanse of cotton candy white and beautiful shades of blue.

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Searching For a Stranger

By Vasundhara SinghImage source: Unsplash (portugueseactivity) Part I: The Painter Decadent skies overhead, an encompassing envelope, white fluff dancing about, the silent blue swaying towards an unknown shore. I spot a copy of Ariel by Sylvia Plath and a moment later, I am snatching away at the pages. I am not as reserved with it…

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The Fallacy of A Home

By Vasundhara Singh The undercurrents of a mercurial afternoon were still vibrating under my skin as I sat alongside my father in the back seat of a Toyota car after my last board exam. Almost 5 years have gone by since the tempestuous day but I am often reminded of the friends I left behind…

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