Broadway In The Sky

By Tejas Kulkarni
Picture Credits: Google Images

What do you see in the sky when you look up? This poem captures the different things each of us views in the vast expanse of cotton candy white and beautiful shades of blue.

Gracefully plucked cotton,
from a harvest, far grown, are accumulations of pleasure,
put together with immaculately beyond measure,
like how those Beethoven symphonies are sown.
Floating about carefree,
are gods own white fluffy drones.

In the field of fair-play up above,
sail the subtle patrolling emperors,
their bubbly forms of visible air,
seemingly lost in idyllic meditation.

Civilians gaze at the clouds,
in the fresh morning sky:
Some see unicorns,
others view dragons.
A few view palaces of peace,
others see dungeons of wrath,
for your mindly state is what,
those misty beings mirror.

Fascinating it is when,
they turn cumulonimbus!
Sister clouds come by and,
merge to dark unison,
like an alien spaceship,
waiting for landing clearance.

They flush down calming pearls, of sanity and rejuvenation,
that brings the land of thirst back to life.
Puddles of joy lined with tiny tots,
splash and jump and lighten up.

When it’s time for curtains down,
for this broadway of magnificence,
they illuminate heavenly skies,
with seven colours of pleasure,
which completes,
a wholesome day to treasure.

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