Broadway In The Sky

By Tejas Kulkarni

What do you see in the sky when you look up? This poem captures the different things each of us views in the vast expanse of cotton candy white and beautiful shades of blue.

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How to Spruce Up Your Desk With Home Decor?

By The Pastel Soul

Working from home shouldn’t be a downer, so here are few tips to add décor and make your work from home desk interesting and fun.

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50 Shades of Color

This picture slideshow explores a gradient of the full rainbow, cascading from reds to yellows to purples along with every color in between, set with music that encapsulates the mood in its rawest form.

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Finding Spectrums

A musing about different colors, and each of the meanings attached to them; and the quest for going beyond the shades, and into a spectrum.

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A Pretty Word #2

Ever felt an emotion that you can’t really find a word for? This captures just that!

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A Feeling Called June

…June may not be as refreshing as January, or as lovestruck as February, or as rusty as March, or as joyful as April— but it has an unknowing beauty in itself…

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