Finding Spectrums

By: Ruby Yadav
(@_rubyadav_ on Instagram)
Picture by: Preeti Kathuria

We could, can, and will always find color all around us, everywhere. We can find colors inside a color. But color is needed in life for us to be happy. We all try to find colors in every person we meet rather than finding colors in ourselves. Let’s not find red for love, let’s not find blue for confidence, let’s not find yellow for joy, let’s not find violet for wisdom, let’s not find pink for romance, let’s not find orange for success, let’s not find black for power, let’s not find brown for security, let’s not find green for life, let’s not find white for perfection and let’s not find purple for luxury. We always wanted to find all the colors but in the process of finding all colors, we forget that we could rather find a spectrum. Spectrum got all colors but sometimes we never wished for it. Perhaps because it’s hard to find a spectrum. Perhaps because they encompass more meanings than we know.

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